Social events

Update: bookings for all social events, except the Staffelsee boat trip and Beer seminar, are CLOSED now, because of the high number of participants!

Three EXCURSIONS on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 09, 2015 - see programme

EXCURSION I:  Hiking tour through the ‚Murnauer Moos‘. Update: CLOSED

The tour covers around six kilometers in an even swampland, and another six kilometers in a raised bog, partly on boardwalks.

Murnauer Moos
Based on the northern edge of the bavarian Alps and south of the city  of Murnau, the Murnauer Moos at 32 km²
is the biggest contiguous marsh in Central Europe (© Richard Bartz)

These swamplands are the remaining traces of the ‘Loisach’-glacier retreating end of the last glacial period. With 32 km² the area represents the largest preserved coherent swampland in middle Europe. This mixture of raised bogs, quagmire and other types of swamps offers biotopes for a lot of endangered species.

We are lucky to have a guide who will tell us about the geological formation and primary origin of this area and colleagues willing to share their natural knowledge.

The hike will take us approximately 4 hours, including stops to get historical background, look through binoculars and discuss species identification of birds.

Lady´slipper Orchid / Lisa Trost ©2010
Lady´slipper Orchid / Lisa Trost ©2010.
The flora includes Autumn lady’s-tresses, Iris sibirica, various orchids, Marsh Saxifrage and variety of other species.
Night Heron / Susanne Seltmann © 2013Night heron / Susanne Seltmann © 2013.
Especially for ornithologists this is a unique place to find rare species like the Corncrake, Whinchat, Common Rosefinch and many others.


Our finish will lead us into the traditional beer garden ‘Ähndl’, were we can reward ourselves with a good beer and a solid meal. Weather proofing is appreciated at this time of the year.

Start around 14:00 - End around 18:00. Price per person (payable at the conference): € 5.-


EXCURSION II: Taking part in a beer seminar and guided tour of a brewery in Murnau.

If you want to learn more about the most important beverage of Bavaria just join the beer seminar and the guided tour of the Griesbräu brewery in Murnau.

The brewery offers tours for groups of 20-25 people guided by the master brewer through the brewery. He will let you in on the secret of beer brewing from 1516.

Afterwards you can savor the different beers while having a good and solid ‘Brotzeit’.

A little test to prove your gained knowledge will hopefully result in a ‘beer-diploma’.

Price: € 14.- per person (payable at the conference)

Have fun!

EXCURSION III:  Staffelsee Boat trip

Round trip on a ship on the “Staffelsee.”

Attention: due to the large number of registrations for the ´Murnauer Moos hike’ (more than 120!), we are offering a third exciting possibility to spend the free afternoon. We booked about 50 places on a round-trip boat on the ´Staffelsee´, the marvellous lake close to Murnau. 80 minutes of sightseeing with a waterfall, wonderful nature and a nice place to sit are offered to all who join in the boat trip. Please indicate upon registration at Murnau, whether you are willing to change to this excursion.

The journey takes you from Murnau via Achele to Uffing and back around the islands. The view is spectacular. The lake encompasses 7.7km, with seven islands and is one of the most beautiful and idyllic lakes in Bavaria. Due to its wetland surroundings, the lake water is warm. Maximum depth accounts for 42 meters, average depth is around 10 m. On the ship are two seating areas, one in a salon and the other on the upper deck.

Costs: € 9,50 / Person


- VISIT to the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen on Saturday, September 12, 2015. If you are interested, please reserve a seat in the bus in the registration page. Update: CLOSED

Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, Germany
Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Seewiesen, Germany (Photo ©: Willi Generotzky)